Travel Essentials For Staying At A Relative's House

Travel Essentials For Staying At A Relative's House

Whether over the river to Grandma's house or on a flight across the country to visit the in-laws, traveling at this time of year has a way of finding our inner Scrooge. Here are a few of our top recommendations for ways to stay relaxed, smiling, and still on the nice list this season.

November 20, 2017 — Erin Lindquist
The Jetsetter Kit

The Jetsetter Kit

 You travel for work. You travel for pleasure. You can’t keep track of which days you’re away from home, or where home even is anymore. If you're the type of person whose home is in the world - we have the perfect kit to keep your mind, body, and soul happy while you’re flying the skies.

Discover our Jetsetter Kit.

Includes all of the little luxuries that a frequent flyer needs to stay glamorous and healthy. A thoughtful, curated collection of clean goodness to bring you from take off to landing.

Order before November 20th and we’ll include some fun, surprise goodies. (Perfect for stocking stuffers or as your own holiday treat). Shop now

The Jetsetter



1. The Native Union JUMP cable

Why it’s in there:

Isn’t it the worst when you’re in the air, have a ton of work to do, only to realize that your laptop is nearly dead, without an outlet in sight? Or, out and about, exploring a new city, with your phone on 10%?
Well, thankfully, our friends at Native Union found a solution for that. The JUMP cable has a lightning cable on one end, and a USB on the other. In the middle, is an 800mAh battery. So, charge up your cable, bring it along, and plug it into your iPhone OR your laptop, and get ready to be productive...or watch some movies. No judgment.


2. Salt + Stone lip balm in California Mint
3. Berlin Skin geranium + rose toner*
4. Palermo Body hydrating body oil

Why they’re in there:
Air travel makes our skin dry. The cabin air has a humidity level that our skin is not used to. That’s why we need we need to make sure our skin stays, healthy, soft, and luminous when we travel. Apply these three products before*, during, and after* to make your tripand your skin even better.
*Definitely spray some toner on before and/or after your flight. Using hydrating mists on-flight may result in a drying effect.

5. The Horse Traveller in black

Why it’s in there:
Any chic jetsetter needs a passport holder to match. This Traveller not only holds your passport, but also has six card slots, a boarding pass-holder, and an extra sleeve for other travel essentials. We think that’s pretty cool, and we couldn’t live without it.


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Not looking for a full box? We understand (but you’ll be missing out on a sweet discount and fun surprises!)

Shop All Products Listed Above:

Native Union Jump Cable

Salt and Stone Lip Balm

Berlin Skin Toner

Palermo Body Hydrating Body Oil

The Horse Traveller



November 13, 2017 — Erin Lindquist
Conscious City Guide: Santiago

Conscious City Guide: Santiago

Elisa Leonard of Brown Eyed Ella shows us how to arrive well in Santiago, Chile. Read on for the essential list of sustainable things to do, see and eat while in town.
October 13, 2017 — Erin Lindquist
Product Spotlight: Seven Year Pens by Seltzer Goods

Product Spotlight: Seven Year Pens by Seltzer Goods

I have terrible handwriting. Always have, and (naturally) always will. 

I had accepted this as fact and didn’t think that there was anything that could be done about it, except, sometimes, when I write really slowly, I’m able to make my handwriting look a little more legible. But, that’s impractical and I have a life to live. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

One day, as I was perusing my local stationery store, on the hunt for more notebooks and cards that I do not need, I impulsively bought Seltzer Goods’ Seven Year Pen that was sitting next to the cash register. I have a proclivity for all things irreverent, so it goes without saying that I would want to purchase a pen that says “Fuck It” on it. And, it’s supposed to last seven years, so I thought that was pretty cool, though I highly doubt that I will be able to test the accuracy of this claim, as it is unlikely that I will ever be able to keep a pen in my possession for more than a year*.

When I got home and started writing, I was in shock at how my handwriting had transformed. My naturally slanted, garish handwriting almost looked cute and girly.

My goodness, I thought. What hath becometh of me?**

I have very much embraced the change in my handwriting (and ostensibly, my personality**) when I use Seltzer Goods’ Seven Year Pen. It’s incredible to be able to write neatly without wasting a lot of time or effort; it also feels good to use anything made by Seltzer Goods, since they are completely sustainable and support environmental causes. Jackpot!

Write neatly, and do good. Buy the Seven Year Pen here.

seven year pen

*Please write to us in seven years to let us know how your pen is doing

**The Seven Year Pen has no effect on personality and will not change your speech to archaic English

September 23, 2017 — Renee Pindus

Conscious City Guide: Manhattan

If you had 24 hours in Manhattan, what would you do?! 


The 1 Hotel Central Park

1414 6th Ave, New York, NY 10019

The 1 Hotel is the ideal Manhattan hotel when considering comfort and sustainability. 1 Hotels are spearheading change in the hotel industry, as they have made ample initiatives to cut back on energy and waste, and only serve the freshest food and ingredients. And, yeah, it’s pretty swanky. You won’t be disappointed.

Click here for more information:



Union Square Farmers’ Market

E 17th St & Union Square W, New York, NY 10003

Check out this farmer’s market on any given Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday from 8am to 6pm. During peak season, this green initiative has up to 140 different vendors hailing from Upstate New York and the surrounding area. It’s a great place to get delicious, natural foods and support New York’s local farmers. How cool is that?!

Click here for more information: https://www.grownyc.org/greenmarket/manhattan-union-square-m

Walk the Highline

Multiple entrances

The Highline is a 1.45 mile long elevated park that was built from out-of-use railway tracks. The Highline is committed to sustainable operations, and offers a wide array of beautiful greenery. Check out their website for upcoming events, or just take a pleasant stroll through in the sky this above-ground park. Begin your journey at the Washington Street/Gansevoort Street entrance and do some shopping in the Meatpacking District while you’re at it! Buy some heels, but don’t wear them on your walk!

Click here for more information:


Ride some Citibikes

Multiple locations

While we don’t recommend that tourists make their way through the chaos of New York City streets by bike, we encourage you to rent some Citibikes and explore New York’s beautiful, bikeable parks. Central Park offers a lush, hilly 6-mile loop, and the gorgeous Hudson River path provides a flat, 11 mile ride that spans from 181st Street all the way down to Battery Park. Don’t worry, there are ample exits if you don’t want to do a full 6 or 11 miles. And, most importantly: don’t be a square, wear a helmet!

Click here for more information:



Heyday Spa

Multiple locations

You didn’t come to New York to be stressed! Indulge yourself at Heyday Spa, where you can get a customized facial using all natural skincare products. Treat yourself. You deserve it. Girl, trust.

Click here for more information:


Rescue Spa

29 E 19th St, New York, NY 10003

Brand new to New York City, Rescue Spa offers a wide variety of spa services guaranteed to make you look and feel better. Esteemed esthetician and founder of Rescue Spa, Danuta Mieloch, has in-depth knowledge of natural, “clean,” and innovative approaches to skincare and beauty treatments. This is your place to get your nails done, hair done, everything did.

Click here for more information:




38 E 19th St, New York, NY 10003

This Jean-Georges vegan eatery will make you devour your vegetables. No, seriously, this food is good, and, it won’t break the bank like many other Jean Georges restaurants! So you can eat your delicious plant-based, non GMO, and sustainable food and brag to all your friends that you were very bad and bougie. Get the cauliflower and the matcha coconut water. You won’t regret it.

Walk-ins accepted, but make a reservation to be safe! (Also, note, that ABCV is right across the street from Rescue Spa).

Click here for more information:



58 W 8th St, New York, NY 10011

This fast, casual favorite offers delicious food that is consciously served. Instead of using materials that are literally killing our precious planet to plate and serve their food, they decided to step up their game and use reusable mason jars. Talk about awesome?! No reservations needed.

Click here for more information:


Blue Hill

75 Washington Pl, New York, NY 10011

If you are looking to treat yo'self, we have no better recommendation than New York City’s Blue Hill. Blue Hill is a fine-dining restaurant that exclusively offers food from artisanal and local farms. They are also affiliated with Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculturean innovative, sustainable farm located just 45 minutes out of New York Citywhere they continue to study and riff on traditional farming practices. At Blue Hill, tasting menus are offered at $98 or $108 per person. Or, If you want to make the very-worth-it-trek to Blue Hill at Stone Barns, you can go on the most palatable, culinary journey inside their luxe barn space for $258 per person. Reservations required for both locations, and make them far in advance!

Click here for more information:


September 23, 2017 — Renee Pindus
Product Spotlight: Le White by Lebon

Product Spotlight: Le White by Lebon

I don’t like the taste of mint. I never did, and I never will. Every time someone offers me a piece of gum, Tic Tac, or the like, I respectfully decline and explain the situation.

“Wait. What?!” is the response that  I usually get.
“Yeah, I don’t know, I just don’t like it.”

A few moments go by before a few things click, and they proceed to ask:

“Wait...so what do you use to brush your teeth?”

The answer has always been that I don’t like mint but I make sacrifices for the sake of dental hygiene. Since grade school, I made the conscious decision to use normal, mint toothpaste, just like everyone else.

Whoever I am speaking to then usually reminds me that I could always use children’s toothpaste. But, alas, the idea of using unpalatable mint toothpaste sits with me better than the idea of having a friend—or worse, a boy—see a fluorescent pink, Bubble Gum Barbie toothpaste tube resting atop my sink in the event that someone uses my bathroom.

The sacrifices we make.

And then, I discovered LEBON.

As organic, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan, all natural toothpaste brand made in France that has transformed the way that I think about brushing my teeth. Not only do they have a ton of cool flavors that are actually delicious, but the luxe design and packaging is otherworldly.

They have strict production standards and an uncompromised ingredient list that is “free of” all of the gross stuff that is bad for bodies; instead, they use ingredients such as organic aloe vera and green tea to help naturally whiten teeth, prevent tooth decay, and protect our gums.

As I squeeze my favorite flavor called Le White, which is made from organic green tea and papaya extract, out of its fancy gold tube, I feel like I have been transported. It feels good that I no longer have to:

  1. Hate the taste of my toothpaste
  2. Consider using children’s toothpaste

and most importantly…

      3. know that I am doing my body and the earth a favor by using something that is organic and ethically made!

And, of course, these tubes are 100% travel-friendly.

We sell mini travel-sized versions of Le White (green tea/papaya whitening toothpaste with hints of sweet Moroccan mint), Cap Ferrat Mood (a mixed mint blend), and Villa Noacarlina (fresh mint with hints of cinnamon).

Purchase them here, try them out, and bring them on your next trip.



September 23, 2017 — Renee Pindus
girl looking out the plane window

Lengthy Air Travel, Reconsidered

For me, when I return to the ground is when I return to my problems and stresses of the ground; when in the sky, it becomes about me and my meditations.
September 17, 2017 — Renee Pindus