Travel Essentials For Staying At A Relative's House

 Whether over the river to Grandma's house or on a flight across the country to visit The In-laws, traveling at this time of year has a way of revealing our inner Scrooge. 

Here are a few of our top recommendations for ways to stay relaxed, smiling, and still on the Nice list this season

1. Native Union Night Cable

Picture this: you get into bed. You see two outlets behind the nightstand, both of which have random wires plugged into them, and you don’t know what they are for or what to do. You see another outlet, but there’s no way your boring, worn-out iPhone charger is going to reach that far--and if it does, every time you unplug your phone to check it, the cord is going to escape from reach, and you will be contorting in the dark, arms flailing wildly, just to get that sweet, 100% battery by morning.

Instead, you can buy Native Union’s 10-foot-long NIGHT cable and save the struggles for another day, or never. The moveable, weighted anchor is designed to stay put on a nightstand, so you don’t have to search for your cable every time that it falls to the floor. Plus, it’s firmly woven, so you can say goodbye to frayed wires.

    Also see these other Native Union products for more charging necessities:

Smart Charger

Key Cable

Jump Cable


2. Vitruvi Sleep Roll-On Oil
3. Harlow Skin Roll On + Relax in Dreaming

    You hear a mysterious creaking noise somewhere in the distance and you’re terrified. Or, maybe everything’s fine, but just find it hard to sleep in a new bed. Whatever the case, these two aromatherapy roll-ons are sure to keep you cool, calm, and collected--and will put you in a sleep-ready state once you roll them onto your pulse points, or below your nose.

    Also see these products, for more aromatherapy must-haves that will keep you calm:

    Vitruvi Still Aromatherapy Mist

    Vitruvi Balance Roll-on Oil

    Harlow Skin Roll on + Relax in Soothing

    Palermo Body Aromatherapy Set


    4. Palermo Vitamin C Facial Mask
    5. Harlow Skin Co Cleanse + Exfoliate Face Mask

    You love a good mask, and you certainly love ones that will make you glow. These will do it. Easily packable, and travel friendly. But, we’ll be the first to admit, that these masks are not so convenient to bring to a hotel, since they require some manual mixing.

    But, luckily, they are the perfect masks to bring your home, to someone else’s. Make mixing these masks a fun activity with your girl friends--your skin will thank you later!


    Cover Photo: Bernadette Gatsby

    November 20, 2017 — Erin Lindquist

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