The Jetsetter Kit

 You travel for work. You travel for pleasure. You can’t keep track of which days you’re away from home, or where home even is anymore. If you're the type of person whose home is in the world - we have the perfect kit to keep your mind, body, and soul happy while you’re flying the skies.

Discover our Jetsetter Kit.

Includes all of the little luxuries that a frequent flyer needs to stay glamorous and healthy. A thoughtful, curated collection of clean goodness to bring you from take off to landing.

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The Jetsetter



1. The Native Union JUMP cable

Why it’s in there:

Isn’t it the worst when you’re in the air, have a ton of work to do, only to realize that your laptop is nearly dead, without an outlet in sight? Or, out and about, exploring a new city, with your phone on 10%?
Well, thankfully, our friends at Native Union found a solution for that. The JUMP cable has a lightning cable on one end, and a USB on the other. In the middle, is an 800mAh battery. So, charge up your cable, bring it along, and plug it into your iPhone OR your laptop, and get ready to be productive...or watch some movies. No judgment.


2. Salt + Stone lip balm in California Mint
3. Berlin Skin geranium + rose toner*
4. Palermo Body hydrating body oil

Why they’re in there:
Air travel makes our skin dry. The cabin air has a humidity level that our skin is not used to. That’s why we need we need to make sure our skin stays, healthy, soft, and luminous when we travel. Apply these three products before*, during, and after* to make your tripand your skin even better.
*Definitely spray some toner on before and/or after your flight. Using hydrating mists on-flight may result in a drying effect.

5. The Horse Traveller in black

Why it’s in there:
Any chic jetsetter needs a passport holder to match. This Traveller not only holds your passport, but also has six card slots, a boarding pass-holder, and an extra sleeve for other travel essentials. We think that’s pretty cool, and we couldn’t live without it.


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Native Union Jump Cable

Salt and Stone Lip Balm

Berlin Skin Toner

Palermo Body Hydrating Body Oil

The Horse Traveller



November 13, 2017 — Erin Lindquist

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