Product Spotlight: Le White by Lebon

I don’t like the taste of mint. I never did, and I never will. Every time someone offers me a piece of gum, Tic Tac, or the like, I respectfully decline and explain the situation.

“Wait. What?!” is the response that  I usually get.
“Yeah, I don’t know, I just don’t like it.”

A few moments go by before a few things click, and they proceed to ask:

“Wait...so what do you use to brush your teeth?”

The answer has always been that I don’t like mint but I make sacrifices for the sake of dental hygiene. Since grade school, I made the conscious decision to use normal, mint toothpaste, just like everyone else.

Whoever I am speaking to then usually reminds me that I could always use children’s toothpaste. But, alas, the idea of using unpalatable mint toothpaste sits with me better than the idea of having a friend—or worse, a boy—see a fluorescent pink, Bubble Gum Barbie toothpaste tube resting atop my sink in the event that someone uses my bathroom.

The sacrifices we make.

And then, I discovered LEBON.

As organic, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan, all natural toothpaste brand made in France that has transformed the way that I think about brushing my teeth. Not only do they have a ton of cool flavors that are actually delicious, but the luxe design and packaging is otherworldly.

They have strict production standards and an uncompromised ingredient list that is “free of” all of the gross stuff that is bad for bodies; instead, they use ingredients such as organic aloe vera and green tea to help naturally whiten teeth, prevent tooth decay, and protect our gums.

As I squeeze my favorite flavor called Le White, which is made from organic green tea and papaya extract, out of its fancy gold tube, I feel like I have been transported. It feels good that I no longer have to:

  1. Hate the taste of my toothpaste
  2. Consider using children’s toothpaste

and most importantly…

      3. know that I am doing my body and the earth a favor by using something that is organic and ethically made!

And, of course, these tubes are 100% travel-friendly.

We sell mini travel-sized versions of Le White (green tea/papaya whitening toothpaste with hints of sweet Moroccan mint), Cap Ferrat Mood (a mixed mint blend), and Villa Noacarlina (fresh mint with hints of cinnamon).

Purchase them here, try them out, and bring them on your next trip.



September 23, 2017 — Renee Pindus

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