What To Pack : Brazil

By: Elisa Leonard of Brown Eyed Ella

I’m heading to Brazil this weekend and I’m so excited! Getting ready to leave for vacation is such a great feeling. You can finally turn on your out of office and look forward to a week of sun, sand, and sea. I wanted to share my vacation packing list with you all in case any of you are heading to a tropical destination soon!


I’m going to assume you’ll remember to bring the essentials;

  1. Your passport
  2. Visa
  3. Insurance docs.

DON’T FORGET THESE THINGS! And make sure you plan ahead of time. In my case, I needed to get a Brazil Travel Visa to visit which takes time. So be sure to read all the fine print.



I have a serious over-packing issue, which means it’s pretty easy for me to pack my whole wardrobe when I’m only going away for a week or two. I’ve learned to keep it stylish and simple with my vacay must-haves, especially for warm-weather getaways.


Whether you’re planning on swimming in the sea like a mermaid or lounging by the pool, you’ll need a chic suit. I like to bring tops and bottoms that I can mix and match.




This trip I’m only bringing one; a custom, crossbody bag, hand made in Chile from the company Manza. These bags are made from Mimbre found in Chile; they’re stunning.

La primera edición de las carteras contempla sólo 40 unidades que por el momento se están vendiendo a través de redes sociales.  WhatsApp: +569 7409 4431 por mas informacion 
Manza Bag


You can’t forget this! You need something to lug around everything you need for your day at the beach or pool.



Key item in my bag; I pack at least two pairs. Because let’s face it, the sun never sets on a badass. 😉Here are a few of my favs.



 I like bringing easy dresses or rompers that I can throw on and ones that you can wear from the beach to the bar



Pack a few tops that can be worn with any of the bottoms you’re bringing. I like to bring a mix of casual and dressier options! (not too many though)



Super easy to throw on at night and you can bring some that double up as day-time outfits too.




Don’t over do it. All you need are some flip flops for the beach and two other options for going out at night



Because sunburns are REALLY unpleasant. I’m currently obsessed with this new organic line I found here in Chile called Austral Organics. Their products are organic and cruelty-free! All of their products can be found on their website. Another good option is Salt and Stone, which you can find here, at Arrive Well! 


Written by:

Elisa Leonard of Brown Eyed Ella

    June 07, 2018 — Erin Lindquist

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