Father's Day

Dads are hard to shop for. There are so many different types of Dads, with so many different interests. There are Dads who love golfing, and there are Dads that love rock and roll, and there are Dads that love both and there are Dads that love neither. It's impossible to pretend that we know your dad, but it's very possible that we know exactly what you should get for your dad, this Father's Day.

Oh, and did we mention that a 10% off code is automatically applied at check out? Now's a better time than ever to shop.


1. Sandalwood + Sage Shaving Gel

No matter what type of your Dad is, we assume he has to shave, at least sometimes. The Sandalwood + Sage Shaving Gel is formulated to soften and lift the hair follicle, providing maximum glide for a close and comfortable shave. It protects skin from irritation and razor burn, leaving skin supple, smooth, and soothed. Let's let Dad #treathimself on his next shave!

Father's Day


2. The Traveller

Dad's like simplicity. They like all of their belongings in one place, and that especially applies to Dad's who are on the go. If your dad has an upcoming trip, I'm sure that he wants his passport, boarding pass, credit cards, and the works, all in one place. That's why, The Traveller was so thoughtfully and beautifully designed by our friends Down Under!

Compact, slim, travel essential designed to patina handsomely overtime. This bi-fold wallet features 6 dedicated card slots, boarding pass holder and 2 separate sleeves for your passport and travel essentials. Subtly embossed with The Horse logo. Happy travels.

Father's Day

3. Smart Charger International

Dad's like to pack light. They don't want to be bogged down with the various adapters they have to bring. They don't want to do any research ahead of time, on what country requires what adapter. And, because of all that, is exactly why the Smart Charger International is the perfect gift for Dad.

With Smart Charger International, the magic is all in the details. It has dual USB-A ports to charge two devices at once, Smart-IC Technology to guarantee your devices are charging at their maximum speed, and sophisticated protection measures to ensure safety for you and your devices. Smart Charger International includes international adapters so you can stay charged in the US, Europe, and the UK.

 Father's Day


4. Sûrface Face Cream

A truly gender-neutral brand, Sûrface provides Dad with the lightweight hydration he needs every morning and night. We know your Dad doesn't want to be bothered with twenty different serums and moisturizers, so, with Sûrface, he can streamline his routine by just throwing the face cream on after a quick cleanse.

Antioxidant, anti-age, antipollution
This face cream is rich with active ingredients of natural origin with moisturizing and antioxidant properties. Contains γ-oryzanol, a natural UV filter.
Father's Day
Is your Dad always looking for a lightening cable? If so, we've got him covered.

Key Cable is a keychain with concealed connectors, giving you access to any USB power outlet so you’re always prepared for those daily charging emergencies. It’s short and compact enough to fit in your pocket, but long enough to allow you to use your phone whilst charging and syncing. KEY Cable is made from hard wearing TPE and durable braided nylon. 

When it’s opened, KeyCable is 6.5 inches long.

Keychain + Lightening Cable in one! *awesome*

Father's Day

June 04, 2019 — Renee Pindus
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