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By Kristine Mahan
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Whether you have dietary restrictions or are trying to continue eating a diet focused on functional foods, travel is not always easy. Have a glance at these tips to make your next travel experience a little more nourished and a lot easier. 

First, take a deep breath. 

Connect with how you're feeling. When your food choices are out of your control it can feel a bit uncomfortable. When you're home, you're in control. If you find yourself asking questions like, Where will my next meal come from? Is there even going to be food? Am I going to feel like s**t after eating that? Take a hot minute to do some alternate nostril breathing, maybe close your eyes. 

BYOS. (bring your own snacks).  

Perhaps to avoid a sense of insecurity, have a plan before you travel. I travel with snacks and even full meals prepared ahead of time on some flights or rides. Avoid the stress by meal prepping and bringing your own snacks. Additionally, it's infinitely cheaper to bring your own food than to buy food at an airport or train station. 

My favorite foods to take on a the road with me are sprouted hummus and roasted vegetables, hardboiled eggs, leftover nut pulp crackers, and energy balls. I have a whole bunch of Stasher Bags made from silicone that you can wash when you're done eating. #Sustainable(ish)Travel

Do your research. 

If eating well is important to how you feel (which, it should be), research your eating options at your final destination. Check out restaurant menus, look up city guides, even look at their tagged instagram photos to get a sense of the menu. The internet has a wealth of information for us to make a food plan. Talk to locals about their recommendations, too. 

When there is no "healthy option".

Do your best to eat what makes you feel good. Focus on what will be most satiating like proteins and fats, but don't beat yourself up if that's not an option. Don't be shy to ask a server kindly to make accommodations, it's usually not a big deal in today's world. 

Kristine is a Denver based chef and wellness expert. You can find delicious recipes on her blog, Function of Well. Follow along for functional nutrition goodness, tips on sustainable living and track her journey on mastering the art of gluten-free sourdough.
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