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I have naturally difficult hair.

But, no one is aware of this inconvenient truth, as, over the course of my whole life, I’ve gotten accustomed to spending hours upon hours, using products upon products, to make it look even somewhat nice.

So, washing my hair was something that needed to be scheduled into my calendar, far in advance. If disaster struck, and some horrible event required me to wash my hair when I just didn’t have the requisite two hours to make it not look like a thick, globular, heap of frizz that surrounded my head...well...that’s when it was time to wear a hat. Or, just not see people. Either one. Do a cursory Google Image search for “Veronica Crabtree,” as that is to whom I often liken myself when my hair is au naturale.

Unfortunately, sometimes neither wearing a hat, becoming a hermit, nor resembling Veronica Crabtree is an option. I used to whine that it was just was not fair some people were blessed with such beautiful, effortless hair! I would envy my friends who could just leave their apartments fresh out of the shower, allowing it to dry naturally with an understanding that their locks would not let them down; their hair would ultimately dry in a luxuriant, frizz-free, L’Oreal commercial type-way.

Oh, how I wish I had that sort of relationship with my hair!

Please, please dry beautifully,” I used to whisper into my dripping wet, split ends, each and every time I got out of the shower. I had not gotten any favorable responses from them...


One average Saturday, my brother walked over to me and said “Here, do you want this?” In his hand was a chic looking white box with clean black lettering that read: Gloss Moderne Discovery Set. He explained that he had ordered it accidentally while holiday shopping and was too lazy to deal with the hassle of a return.

Not one to give up free stuff, I took the kit. Inside I found a travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask.  I was unfamiliar with the brand, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Certainly not anything magical, because why would these clean, luxurious, all-natural hair products be any different from anything else I’d ever tried?

And, plus, the discovery set came in individual packets. I assumed this would be annoying since I was under the firm belief that no one is able to accurately predict how much shampoo I’d need, since I’ve got a whole lot of hair.

Boy, oh boy, was I wrong on every front.


Clean Luxury Discovery Set

I have literally no idea what sort of voodoo the Gloss Moderne people put inside their wonderful coconut smelling, pearlescent gold-colored hair potions, but I came out of the shower after having used the shampoo, hair mask (for 5 minutes, which I thought would be annoying, but it was no biggie to cover my hair with a shower cap while I shaved), and conditionerall of which included the perfect amounts of product inside the packets, said my run-of-the-mill hair prayers -- but this time, they worked.

My hair has never, ever dried so beautifully, frizz-free. 

And now, it’s the only set of hair care products I use when I travel. Who wants to travel with approximately seven different hair products and a hair straightener, and still have to spend hours styling it? Nope, not me.

I’ve got my Gloss Moderne full-sized products for when I’m home, and I’ve got all of my travel sized versions for when I’m away. I’m good. I’ll leave the enormous bag of hair products at home, so I can add an extra 2 hours to my weekly itinerary for travel, and pack an extra pair of shoes. It’s a win-win.

Thanks for letting me in the shampoo commercial club, Gloss Moderne. I’m a new proud member, and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

February 09, 2018 — Renee Pindus

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