Best Facial Serums
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Selecting the best facial serum can seem like a daunting, nightmarish task. There are so many options! And isn't moisturizer enough? Why do you need a serum and a moisturizer?
Serums are incredibly important because they help hydrate your skin more effectively. Using a serum before a moisturizer better ensures that the key ingredients in your moisturizer will penetrate your skin. Also, using a serum will generally leave your skin smoother, softer, and more flawless.
So, now that you know you definitely need to add a serum into your skincare regimen, here's our guide the best facial serums.
1) Cellular Intelligence Time Postponing Cocktail Serum
Best facial serums
This serum is a must-have, and we are super low-stock, so grab it while you can! This anti-aging serum contains plant stem cells that work with your skin’s natural repair processes to soften and delay signs of aging like fine lines, dark spots, and dullness. While this serum might be pricey, your skin will thank you. Don't forget to use code WELCOME for 10% off your first purchase!
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2) Brightening Serum with Phyto-Complex & Rumex Leaf Extract

Best Facial Serums
Want brighter, more glowed-up skin? Look no further! This potent formulation noticeably brightens facial skin, targeting hyper-pigmentation; uneven facial skin tone and age spots while improving facial skin radiance and luminosity. Shop Biossance for #NoCompromiseBeauty
Best Facial Serums

3) Regenerative Facial Serum

Want to feel ultra-hydrated when you wake up? This is the best night-time facial serum to add to your routine. This concentrated blend of botanical oils are rich in omegas and vitamins that renew + regenerate delicate facial skin cells. Rosehip along with other supercritical CO2 oils in this serum hydrate and restore elasticity for truly healthy and resilient skin.CO2 (supercritical) refers to an extraction method in which the oil is drawn from the plant. CO2 oils are the purest form of herbal extract resulting in a superior product and possible benefits to your skin.

4) Youth Dew Face Elixir

Best Facial Serums
Want a youthful glow? Rejuvenate with an ultimate surge of floral extracts prized for their ability to penetrate deep beneath the outer layer of the skin, delivering mega antioxidants + superior hydration. Smooth over face/neck, morning + night. Perfect for normal, dry, + mature skin
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5) Concentrated Firming Serum

Best Facial Serums
This medical grade anti-aging serum visibly firms skin and reduces the look of wrinkles and dark spots while refining pore appearance. Retinol supports collagen, protects from free radical damage caused by pollution and exfoliates dead cells from skin surface. Lipids keep skin hydrated to firm appearance and minimize dryness and redness.
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October 03, 2019 — Renee Pindus

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